Environmentally friendly, air-powered
Installed in 1-2 days
No pit or walls required
Minimal maintenance
Space-saving and versatile elevators
Up to five floors
More than 20,000 successful installations worldwide
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Absolute safety

Custom built for your home

Control with Alexa

Wheelchair accessible

PVE pneumatic elevators have the characteristic of being panoramic elevators, they are made of aluminum and transparent polycarbonate, which allows the visual relationship with the exterior to be continuous.

All models are cylindrical, panoramic and transparent.

Architects and interior designers have total freedom when working on their projects, since the attractive design of PVE pneumatic elevators makes them blend into any space, providing style and elegance.

Installation is completed in one or two days.

PVE pneumatic elevators are available in three different models according to their diameter, with capacity for one, two and three persons, the latter marketed as an elevator for the disabled.

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Our Models

PVE 30

Exterior diameter 750 mm

Single passenger / 159 kg

PVE 37

Exterior diameter 933 mm

Two passengers / 205 kg

PVE 52

Exterior diameter 1316mm

Three passengers /
Wheelchair accessible / 238 kg

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